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With over two decades working behind the scenes in corporate and public institutions, I understand what it takes to develop and grow a business. But no matter what I was accomplishing, I felt unsatisfied and demotivated.


I was tired of not seeing enough women as business owners or even having a valued say in a company's profit share. Women were being employed but there weren't enough female employers. As my frustration grew I started dreaming of being part of the solution where I could help women. I wanted to help them not just start companies but to provide them with valuable support throughout their business operation. However, after coaching and consulting a few women I realized that there were more issues that needed to be addressed. Women face unique obstacles and in addition to the day to day operational challenges, we also battle with doubt, fear, and self-sabotage every day. Add to the fact that many of us are naturally introverted living in an extroverted world, asking for support was also a big deterrent. As such Revivifye couldn't remain a dream, it was becoming a necessity.

It is our mission at Revivifye to provide women with an empowering community filled with tools, real support and a judgment-free virtual location where they can learn, grow and support each other. But we can't build Revivifye without you!